Feb, 13 2020

Amanat Board of Directors Meeting

Amanat Holdings' Board of Directors Meeting took place on Thursday, 13 February 2020 at 02:00 pm

1. 2019 Financial Results;
2. Discuss the proposed dates to convene the Company’s General Assembly; and
3. Ordinary and other business that may arise.

1. 2019 financial results were approved;
2. Approve calling the shareholders annual general assembly to convene and propose the distribution of dividends amounting to 2.2 fils per share for the year 2019 subject to obtaining and coordinating the agenda and timing with the Securities and Commodities Authority;
3. Accept the appointment of Ms. Elham Alqasim as a Board Member and Member to the Audit Committee and Remuneration and Compensation Committee, subject to the confirmation by the general assembly at the first upcoming meeting; and
4. Other matters that have no impact on the Company’s share.