A Human Face

At Amanat, we recognise that our human capital is fundamental to delivering our vision of being your global investment partner of choice in health and education.

The expertise and passion of our employees is critical to our success and mirrors the high calibre of healthcare and education professionals working in investee companies.


We believe that a smarter, healthier society is a more successful one and our skilled teams work tirelessly to support and empower like-minded business champions.


Our collaborative investment approach aligns with national goals and ensures we work with ethically, socially responsible companies who share our goal of establishing happier and more productive communities.

Making people better

The very nature of our work – creating smarter kids and healthier people –means we are deeply involved with, connected to, and concerned about the communities in which we operate.


We invest in ethical, socially responsible companies and by supporting our investee companies in delivering the best possible healthcare and education services; we are able to contribute to national development goals.