A new kind of investment company. We only invest in the things that we believe matter most, health and education.

Because a smarter, healthier society is a more successful one we work with like-minded business champions, providing long-term partnership, building long-term collaboration, and generating long-term sustainable value.

Unique and Differentiated Portfolio

International Medical Center CJSC

Operates a 300-bed multi-disciplinary tertiary care hospital that serves Saudi Arabia’s Western Region and features specialty centers providing a wide range of comprehensive treatment options. These services are delivered by more than 150 US, Canadian and European certified physicians in over 30 specialties including Orthopedics, Cardiology, Oncology, Women’s Health and Children’s Health. State-of- the-art facilities enable IMC to rank among the best healthcare providers in the region.





Investment Date: December 2016

Taaleem Holdings P.S.C.

One of the leading providers of early childhood, primary and secondary education. Currently operates seven schools and three nurseries in the UAE. Madaares offers premium education across multiple curricula, including British, American and International Baccalaureate, as well as a multi-lingual early childhood programme. Its operations are closely integrated with the vast majority of nursery students progressing to one of the group’s primary schools.






Investment Date: April 2016

Sukoon International Holding Company CJSC

Provides acute extended care, critical care and home care medical services to patients who are no longer suited for care within a traditional hospital setting. Such patients range from those who require short stays to undergo rehabilitation and/or long term nursing care (LTC) to patients in need of 24/7 intensive and cardiac care (ICU and CCU). Sukoon’s focused business model allows for higher quality of care at cost effective prices. Sukoon’s flagship facility, located in Jeddah, has physical capacity for 230 beds. The company plans to open a similar facility in Riyadh by 2018.


Investment Date: August 2015

Abu Dhabi University Holding Company

ADUHC is a market leader in the private higher education field in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, with recent expansion to Dubai and Al Dhafra Region. Its mission is to become the leading private education platform in the UAE, spanning higher education, vocational and corporate training sectors.
The group’s portfolio organizations include Khawarizmi International College, Knowledge Group, Khawarizmi Training Solutions, Summit Career Management Services, AIM Events and Fortune Properties. The company has 7,500 students enrolled in its higher education institutions across the UAE, and had trained over 170,000 individuals through its training solutions companies. The group also operates a number of subsidiaries that service the group’s entities in the fields of real estate, facility management, human resources, project and event management.




Investment Date: March 2018

North London Collegiate School Dubai


Amanat has acquired the real estate assets of North London Collegiate School (“NLCS”) Dubai, which is a premium International Baccalaureate curriculum K-12 school located in the Sobha Hartland area of Dubai. This high quality asset will deliver a long term and stable cash flow for Amanat.
NLCS Dubai’s purpose-built campus which offers a wide range of amenities including a state-of-the-art performing arts centre, libraries and science laboratories, as well as an array of sporting facilities including tennis courts, a sports field and two indoor swimming pools.
Built and managed in partnership with NLCS London, a leading London-based independent day school founded in 1850, NLCS Dubai is designed to emulate the unprecedented success of North London Collegiate School which has been the #1 school in the UK in terms of academic results in the International Baccalaureate for twelve consecutive years.

Investment Date: June 2018