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Nov 07 2018

Amanat deployed AED 1.2 billion in the first nine months of 2018 in a diversified portfolio of leading assets

• Total deployment as at the end Q3 2018 reached 79% of total AED 2.5 billion paid-up capital • Share of profit from associates grew strongly to AED 37.1 million from AED 23.5 million in 2017, an increase of 58% • Net profit of AED 24.3 million for the 9M 2018 include the full consolidation of Middlesex University Dubai and Royal Hospital Bahrain post majority stake acquisition in August 2018 • Amanat is well placed to deliver long-term sustainable value through its growing portfolio of attractive assets

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Aug 26 2018

Amanat acquires majority stake in the “Royal Hospital for Women” in Bahrain, achieving new milestone in capital deployment

• Amanat acquires a 69.3% stake in the Royal Hospital for Women in Bahrain for AED 141.7 million • Amanat has now invested 79% of its paid-up capital as it continues to grow its healthcare and education-focused investments in the GCC and beyond • Amanat’s current portfolio of high quality assets includes three healthcare platform companies, three education platform companies and one social infrastructure project

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Aug 13 2018

Amanat Holdings Reports Strong H1 2018 with Double-Digit Net Profit Growth Underpinned by Active Deployment

• Net profit grew by 12% to AED 27.9 million; total revenue increased 7.4% to 51.9 • Revenue from associates grew 42.2% year-on-year and contributed 50.4% of the total revenue in H1 2018 • Amanat made active investments during 2018 aggregating to AED 1.1 billion, with AED 1.8 billion (73% of total capital) deployed to date • Amanat continues to build a diverse portfolio of attractive education and healthcare assets

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Aug 08 2018

Amanat acquires Middlesex University Dubai for AED 369 million

• Acquisition of Middlesex University Dubai is Amanat’s sixth portfolio company and demonstrates commitment to a more active investment strategy • Amanat continues to build a portfolio of leading assets in education and healthcare, having deployed AED 1.8 billion, c. 73% of its AED 2.5 billion paid-up capital • Amanat’s higher education portfolio extends across the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, offering a wide range of programs and catering to diverse student groups

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Jun 27 2018

Amanat acquires real estate assets of North London Collegiate School (NLCS) Dubai

• Amanat has completed the acquisition of the real estate assets of NLCS Dubai for AED 360 million, with an additional commitment of up to AED 45 million towards the school’s expansion plans • The transaction is expected to deliver a stable yield, in line with Amanat’s long-term commitment to dividends and value creation for its shareholders • Amanat has deployed 58% of its AED 2.5 billion paid-up capital

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